Playing with AIA in Alaska was a blast and I learned so much. I am so thankful I was given the opportunity to grow in my skills as a baseball player and showcase them for Christ. I greatly enjoyed sitting under constant discipleship daily and then being able to compete in one of the best collegiate summer leagues in the country. It was cool to be able to witness to other teams and the Eagle River community through the sport we loved. I would definitely do it again if I was given the opportunity.

Aidan Stout

The Master’s University

This past summer I was blessed and fortunate enough to spend with fellow like minded Christian baseball players. This experience is definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity but if you are lucky you get the opportunity to come back a second year. I was able to connect with my spirituality in a deeper way that I haven’t really been able to connect in before. We are able to come together almost everyday to sit together talk about some topics that are already planned out and then sometimes about topics we as a team come to a conclusion of. Personally I was able to realize that I have nothing to fear and I should do anything with tenacity and the reassurance that God has blessed you to play or do whatever task you may be doing. The spiritual side of going and playing for the Chinooks was an absolute honor. While we were a Christian baseball team we also were a fun team to watch between pitching, field, and hitting we also had great interactions and conversations with the amazing fan base. The ABL and the Chinooks were definitely an amazing and awesome experience!

Tyler O’Clair

University of Alabama Birmingham